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Running for Families,
Running for the Future

“As a member of the school board I’ve kept my commitments to support excellent education, stand up for parental rights, and ensure student safety. But there is much more for us to do.”

A Message from Elizabeth Andersen

Dear School Board District 2 Voters,

In the August primary election, you will be asked to decide what kind of schools, what kind of education, and what kind of futures you want for our children.

Student Safety

As a mental health counselor and former teacher, I know student safety is much more than the hardening of schools and campuses. We also must provide a safe, warm, and welcoming environment. Students must feel protected and cared for to learn at their maximum potential.

Parental Rights

Parents know their children best. What works best for one parent may not work for another. As the custodians of education, it’s our responsibility to create a public education system based on values that work for the highest good of all students.

Excellent Education

An excellent education is critical to preparing our children for the challenges of life. That means we must recruit and retain excellent teachers for every classroom. Additionally, we must provide robust activities like arts and athletics that engage the whole child and stimulate students to reach their full potential.

Despite the challenges of the past two years, Duval County schools are only a fraction below an “A” district. Our District 2 schools are “A” rated. We’re on the right track.

I need your support to keep our schools moving forward.

Elizabeth Andersen

Elizabeth Andersen is a former Duval County Public Schools educator, small business owner, mental health counselor, wife, and mother.

Elected to the Duval County School Board in 2018, Elizabeth was elected chair of the board in 2021.

Andersen, who grew up in Arlington, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Florida.

As an educator, she taught for a year in Alachua County before returning to Jacksonville where she continued to teach while completing her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Florida. In 2011, she moved from the classroom to counseling.

In 2012, Andersen started working in non-profit community mental health with children and families in their homes and schools.

She worked hand-in-hand with teachers and staff in nearly half of the schools across Duval County. These experiences provided Elizabeth with a very clear picture of the challenges, the passion, dedication, and hard work that face parents, students and teachers.

There are seven members of the Duval County School Board. Each have different backgrounds, different interests, and sometimes conflicting opinions.

During the last four years, our schools, like all of society, have faced demanding challenges and multiple distractions. Through it all, the seven diverse members of the school board have communicated with respect for one another, something different from many of the school boards in Florida.

Elizabeth Andersen believes that through the challenges and adversity, she and the other six members work to do what’s right for Jacksonville’s children.

Doing What’s RIGHT for Jacksonville’s Children

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